Due to  the Coronovirus situation and the safety of our members we have

postponed our regular Tuesday meetings and special events until further notice.

When these are resumed we will post information here and you will also be notified.


Thank you,

Bill, Judy, Kathy and Bruce








Travel Club Info:

No dues will be required to be a member  of our travel club, and we invite everyone to attend.  Bill, Judy, Kathy and Bruce Blackburn will continue to be the Club and travel hosts. 

Along with learning about travel and new opportunities, members are encouraged to participate in classes by sharing their traveling adventures with others. 

       We will continue to organize travel of all types– cruises, tours, road trips and outings,

and all trips will be hosted by the Blackburns


Our meeting include useful and new travel information and tips, member travelogs, highlights on trends in traveling, types of travel and not to miss locations within North America, the Caribbean and abroad.  Throughout the year, we organize and invite everyone to join us on tours, cruises, local events, and bus trips.  We also schedule several culinary experiences to enjoy local ethnic foods and learn about other cultures.  And we will be happy to organize and promote a trip for you and your friends as well.

For more information contact:

Judy Blackburn    Judy@EarthTravelPals.com     843-222-5839

Kathy Blackburn  Kathy@EarthTravelPals.com    843-450-2032

Happy Travels!

Bill, Judy, Kathy and Bruce Blackburn